Upcoming Active Cruising Opportunities

Choose the trip which suites you the best on the fine i dolci, a Hallberg-Rassy 43.

In 2023 we offer sailing training, exploration, and discovery trips in the surrounding beautiful sailing areas of the Channel such as the Solent, the Channel Islands, Normandy, Brittany, and even as far as Land’s End and the Isles of Scilly.
As usual, we sail down the Thames to the heart of London in the autumn.

A short excursion or a day trip “afloat”?

Book and join us at the VYN in Nieuwpoort or wherever we might be moored.

Practical Test Center

Skyline sailing is also recognized by the Belgian government “FPS Mobility” as a practical test center “CSC023” for conducting practical tests (or permanent evaluation) for “Algemeen stuurbrevet” License (M+S), Yachtman (M+S) and Radar. Information and prices on request.

Itinerary 2023

Our Active Cruising Trips for 2023

Day trips “afloat” from Nieuwpoort (BE)

14/05/2023 – 20/05/2023

AC Trip 1: Nieuwpoort (BE) – Solent, Portsmouth (UK)

22/05/2023 – 28/05/2023
€ 3.780 /2 pers

AC Trip 2: Solent, Portsmouth (UK) – Nieuwpoort (BE)

09/07/2023 – 16/07/2023

AC Trip 3: Nieuwpoort (BE) – Cornwall (UK)

17/07/2023 – 23/07/2023
€3.780 /2 pers

AC Trip 4: Cornwall (UK) – Cornwall (UK)

25/07/2023 – 05/08/2023
€ 6.930 /2 pers

AC Trip 5: Cornwall (UK) – Saint Malo (FR)

07/08/2023 – 14/08/2023

AC Trip 6: Saint Malo (FR) – Nieuwpoort (BE)

17/09/2023 – 23/09/2023
€ 3.980 /2 pers

AC Trip 7: Nieuwpoort (BE) – Londen (UK) – Nieuwpoort (BE)

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