Day trips “afloat” from Nieuwpoort (BE)

We welcome you on i dolci where you can enjoy a time afloat. You will be introduced to the life onboard and we will immerse you in this fascinating world, away from the coast! The program will be determined together, depending on your experience, the tide, wind, waves, and your wishes!

Duinkerke or Oostende? Looking at the “big brothers” in the Traffic Lanes? Or tacking along the coast? It all is possible from April until half of October.

Short trip (3 hrs), max 5 pers. : € 490 (€ 575 in July and August)/group
Daytrip (10.00 – 17.00 h), max 5 pers. : € 710 (€ 840 in July and August)/group
We provide food and beverage for underway during the day trips and we offer and enjoy a drink when safely moored, and this is for both short trips and day trips.

Contact us when you want to look for a date to enjoy a trip on i dolci with family or with friends.

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