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Active Cruising

Be welcome and take the test!

We, Kurt and Anita, created Skyline Sailing, Active Cruising to share our experiences and passion for sailing the seas and discovering the coastlines beyond your known horizons.

These Active Cruising opportunities are organized on our cherished, well-maintained, and comfortable Hallberg Rassy 43 i dolci.

Active Cruising

Be welcome and take the test!

Our mission

Creating with our guests an active cruising experience beyond their known horizons, in comfort and safety, taking into account wind, waves and their wishes!

On board of i dolci everyone is considered a guest taking part in the active cruising experience.

By accompanying you we’ll help you to discover your own abilities and enjoy nice cruising destinations at your own pace.

Whether you are a single or couple, we are ready to be your private tutor, coach or skipper!

Skyline Sailing

Who are we?

Kurt started sailing early in his childhood, whereas Anita took up sailing later. This happened thanks to Kurt, who did so by taking Anita out on a sailing boat every now and then. Finally, Anita decided to learn to sail by attending several sailing schools, which served to enrich her practical and theoretical knowledge.

As a result of pursuing the shared passion, we have both become commercially-endorsed RYA Yachtmasters, while we also work in a Belgian sailing school as certified sea-sailing instructors since 2011.
In 2013, after multiple charter experiences, we decided to complete the actual charter market with sail training on a very fine Hallberg-Rassy 342.
Later, in March 2018, we acquired the Hallberg-Rassy 43 MK1 on which we launched the “active cruising in comfort and safety” – program.

As we both are passionate sailors and sea-sailing instructors, we keep on going!


“I already loved sailing as a young boy. When I found out that Anita also enjoyed sailing I took her regularly out on sailing yachts, hoping she finally would love sailing as well.”


“Until 2007, I didn’t have much experience with sailing. Oh yes, Kurt regularly organized sailing trips for the both of us. He also liked telling stories about his earlier challenging experiences; about the wonderful places you would only visit by a sailing boat; as well as about the helpful, friendly and gentle people he always has met…”

Kurt and Anita: We both love sailing towards a destination in a comfortable and safe way. In fact, what we love is the combination of sharing experiences, being active while sailing and creating unforgettable moments with our guests. We call it the “active cruising” way of life.


In the summer of 2022 we crossed the Bay of Biscay towards Galicia and back, with the 2 of us, gaining useful insights on how to plan, execute and manage longer passages.

In Januari 2022 we passed the theoretical Yachtmaster Ocean course in Malta with Leon Schulz of Regina Sailing.

In 2016 we crossed with Regina Sailing, as part of the RYA- Yachtmaster Ocean program, the Bay of Biscay for the first time,

2014: Launch sail-training “active cruising program” on our i dolci.
With stepping into the “instructor” path, we were gifted with the time and focus to become more experienced in sharing knowledge and experiences and creating an enhanced learning atmosphere.

2011: This new adventure as sea-sailing instructors began in 2011, allowing us to impart our skills and knowledge in the tidal waters of the North Sea and The Channel (UK, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium) via the Sea-Sailing School in Belgium (Vlaamse Vaarschool).

End of 2010, we started to take lessons in order to become sea-sailing instructors ourselves.

We were asked to step into the “instructor” path ourselves, which allowed us to continue refining our sailing skills even more together with learning the best practices on how to transfer such knowledge and abilities to others.

As from 2008 onwards, we both became very passionate about enhancing our sailing expertise. With every possible holiday or weekend, you could find us either at sea or in a classroom.

So many memorable trips, undertaken with a variety of very experienced sailing instructors

Looking to become as accomplished as possible, we gained a great deal of experience from sailing in the tidal waters of the Channel and the North Sea (UK, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium) as well as along Irish and Scottish coasts, but also in the non-tidal Mediterranean (Turkey, Italy, and Corsica).


In line with Belgian and international regulations there are very strict rules for yacht and skipper when paying guests are on board. Skyline Sailing complies to those rules and go beyond when it comes to safety.

Regarding the certificates we are:

trainings vlaamse vaarschool
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