Exploration And Discovery Experiences

Choose where to explore and what to discover with Skyline Sailing’s versatile approach. We fully understand the longing for a unique experience. So, although your journey will have a planned “starting point” and “end destination”, you’ll be involved in detailed cruise planning, so the voyage can answer your own curiosities, without being stressed to sail every day (e.g. unpleasant weather conditions) Wondering what lies over the horizon always excites us. A range of different destinations offers amazing visuals for lovers of nature, fauna, flora, people, historical sites, culture, food, etc. Some destinations as an example:
  • Islands situated in the Channel are very nice cruising and exploration grounds: the Isle of Wight, Alderney, Guernsey, Sark, Jersey, Îles Chaussey, the Isles of Scilly, Île d’Ouessant Ushuant)
  • The UK south coast, Cornwall, Devon, Solent, with its lovely rivers and harbours.
  • The French Coast of Côte Opale, Normandy and North Brittany–Brest.
  • The Channel coasts reaching the heart of bigger cities like Ostend (where a day trip by train to Bruges or Ghent is within reach) and Antwerp in Belgium or even London in the UK.
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